Saturday, January 2, 2010

Imperial Kingdom..

happy new year everyone! hope that it's a great year ahead us. on the new year's day, i went to have yum cha with my mum in the afternoon. i went to imperial kingdom along blackburn road. the restaurant was all packed with people that day. and lucky for us that we were able to book a table.

the left one is the prawn dumpling steamed with mushroom. it was pretty good, the prawn tasted nice together with the sweetness of the mushroom. while the right one is pork wrapped dumplings, it was wrapped into a money bag. it was so adorable that we looked at it for a while before eating it.

we had our favourite fried taro with pork meat. i would have to say the one i had in shark fin's house was alot better than this one.

yummy! this is my favourite during yum cha session. it has been a while since i had these egg tarts. it was really delicious. the crispyness of the pastry and with the softness of the egg custard just goes together really well. it was fresh hot from the oven. when you eat it, it just melts in your mouth. awesomeness!

a nice sweet way to finish off our yum cha session with a bowl of beancurd dessert, named "tau fu fa". the texture was really good, it was so soft and it just melted away in your mouth. i had quite a satisfying meal there but of course as usual, the service was not so good in this kind of chinese restaurant. we had about 6 kinds of different dim sum and it only costs $32. so the price there is considered average, nice location for a quick gathering.

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