Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Laurent Patisserie..

last week i went to laurent patisserie to have some light meals. there are quite a few of the cafes around in melbourne. the one i went was at little collins street, just behind of forever new boutique along bourke street. there have varieties of pies, sandwiches and desserts.

for me, i've tried the salmon and asparagus quiche. and it was served with some salad at the side. the quiche was delicious. love it! it was a bit crispy outside and the cheese inside just melted inside your mouth. awesome!

we also ordered for the bacon and cheese sandwich. it looks normal, but again it was pretty good.

this is the raisin roll. it was rather normal and little too sweet for me. but i guess if you eat it with a cup of coffee, it would be a great high tea.

lastly we also ordered for the apple and pear puff. this is the apple puff, didn't manage to take the pear one as we were eating it before i realised i didn't take photo of it. it was recommended by a friend and this is really good. really like it alot! i'm a fan of pastry stuff so i enjoyed it. the pastry was crispy outside. it tasted just nice, not too sweet and with the bit of sourness of the apple. two thumbs up!

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