Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe..

The other day I went Guylian Chocolate Cafe with my sis when she was around. That was my second attempt there, but sadly it wasn't as pleasant as the previous experience. We were quite disappointed with the service at that time. We were being told that there was no belgian waffles when we wanted to order one. But the next thing, we actually saw other patrons at the next table were having waffles half an hour later. It would have been great that the waitress just told us that we needed to wait longer for it cause it was my sis from Melb who wanted to have it. Not only that, we were being left unattended there for quite a while. Despite all these, I still managed to enjoy myself with the lovely chocolate treats and more photos with my dearest on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Guylian hot chocolate. A slice of chocolate into the cup and added my hot chocolate into it. 

 Very thick creamy and rich chocolate flavour.

Guylian baked chocolate cake with the signature ganache, served with a scoop of whte chocolate and raspberry ice-cream on the side. The chocolate cake was moist and rich in flavours. Totally for chocolate lovers.

Soup of the day, asparagus soup with sliced baguette to fix our savoury cravings. It was kind of  disappointing on that cause the soup was all diluted. So I guess I'll still stick with the chocolates and desserts. 

Ratings: 5/10
Address: 91 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000 NSW

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar & Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream..

I'm finally free from exams! Never ending of studying I should say. I had a really tough week and I'm glad that it's all over now. Anyway here's a quick post to share with you on how I actually being spoiled by Jen after my exam. We decided to try out Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar at the Imax theatre building. The view at the restaurant was awesome! We were being seated beside the glass door, with the whole Darling harbour view in front of us. Great service as well, maybe cause we were there for early dinner.

 We've ordered the huge hot and cold seafood platter for two. There's garlic butter grilled lobster, love it! And fried fish and chips, pan fried marinated prawns, salt and pepper squid, smoked salmon, mussels, oysters, more cold prawns, and crab! That's $130 for the whole plate, and we've got the entertainment card which allowed for 25% discount. Pretty good for a seafood meal. 

Anderson's of Denmark blood orange sorbet ice cream with waffle cone for dessert in front of the Darling Harbour. What more can I ask for? Loving it!

Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar
Ratings: 8/10
Address: 31 Wheat Road, Sydney 2000 NSW

Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream
Address: Shop FC11, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney 2000 NSW

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House..

There's a new Taiwanese dessert shop in Chinatown, it's called Meet Fresh Taiwanese Dessert House. In fact I went there with few friends when they were having the buy one free one deal. So we've joined the crowd with the long queue outside the shop under the hot sunny weather. Can't wait to enjoy some desserts. 

 A taste of traditional Taiwanese dessert.

 We all ordered the same signature dessert of the shop.

 I'm a huge fan of grass jelly. Love it! The nice cooling Taiwanese dessert.

There's taro balls, sweet potato balls *my guess*, grass jelly, crushed ice with milk. So refreshing and sweet. The chewiness of the taro balls and the softness of the grass jelly, just blended together so well. Yummy bowl of signature dessert, I was able to finish the whole bowl myself. I must go visit Taiwan someday, just for the food.

Ratings: 8/10
Address: 13 Goulburn Street, Haymarket NSW 2000

Monday, October 18, 2010

Sydney Fish Market..

One thing I love about Sydney is the Sydney Fish Market. Amazing amount of fresh seafood produce. I've heard that there's restaurant there too, but haven't get to try it out yet. Thanks sissy for the photos. It's actually really cool to visit around the market. There's so much to explore and eat. My lttle tip is to go there earlier, before noon time, so that you can avoid the large crowd.

Sashimi time!

Scampi is something new for me. Haven't really tried it before. 

There's much more, lobsters, mud crabs, prawns, and different kinds of fishes.

This is the "Must Eat" salmon and tuna sashimi set. I personally prefer salmon and it was really fresh and I couldn't get enough of it. 

Fresh oysters with lemon. You can get this for $8 for half dozen of them. Not a huge fan of oysters, but it was really fresh.

Seafood platter for two. And yes, sis and I went for the asian style, ordered that with rice. Surprisingly it turned out really yummy and satisfying. There's fried prawns, oysters in two ways, fried calamari, chinese style bbq squid, and scallops. That can be shared between three person. 

More oysters and lobsters. Love them to the max! 

Address: 200/9 Bank Street, Sydney NSW

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Albee's Kitchen..

There are times that I have serious cravings for "pan mian" from my hometown. I've missed it so much, and it's really rare that I get to find it around in Aussie. The other day my friend was introducing a malaysian restaurant at Campsie, called Albee's kitchen. And off we went there to try out, even brought my sis there when she came over. I'm already feeling hungry by just looking at the photos. A little note is that it's also one of the restaurants listed in the Good Food Guide 2011 for Sydney. So there you go.

How authentic and classic menu they have. They also have different specials on their menu everyday.

It's really a Malaysian culture. Because of the hot weather for the whole year, we always have "chinese leong cha", aka chinese herbal drinks that can be ordered in restaurants and cafes. We can find it there!

The "pan mian" that I'm refering to. It's a hokkien style egg noodle soup, comprises hand-kneaded pieces of dough. 

 The soup base was awesome and we were definately enjoying it. The closest taste to hometown that we can find so far.

 Hokkien mee. Thick yellow noodles stir fried with dark soy sauce and pork lard. So good!

Fish head noodles. This was totally superb, spot on! two thumbs up! I love it so much, the soup base was totally awesome. It was creamy, strong flavours and the sourness of the vegetable pickles. Surprisingly you get a huge amount of fish meat in there. My mum will definately love this too. It was a very generous portion and I managed to finish the whole bowl. 

 Watan hor, or you called it sar hor fun in some of the Malaysian restaurant. Fried thick noodles with egg sauce. Love it! My old time favourite.

Yee mee soup. The thick yummy soup base was totally oh-so-good! All of them has a average price of $10 each. And you'll get great satisfaction with every dish. You'll also find some really authentic home cooked dishes like pandan leaves wrapped chicken and bah kut teh. Cheap prices, good quality food and generous portion at a family restaurant.

Ratings: 9/10
Address: 282 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Makoto Sushi Bar..

There's a japanese sushi shop that I've found when I came over to visit Sydney for the first time two years ago. It's Makoto Sushi Bar at Liverpool Street. I went again when my sissy came over. Well the thing is that there aren't many sushi train places in Melb. So this shop definately attracts my attention.

Salmon avocado roll $3.60

Specials: Octopus nigiri $3.00

My sis's favourite, Japanese edamame green bean pillow $3.60

Takoyaki balls $3.60

My favourite, unagi nigiri $3.60

Teriyaki chicken udon $9.80

Samples decorated at the main entrance.

More and more.. I love the sushis there cause they are all really good and fresh with great presentation.

Also check out for their specials, they have different types of specials everyday.

Yellow fin tuna nigiri

We've tried one of their today's special sushi set $27.50 which was awesome! Enjoyed all of them.

Also to mention their nabeyaki udon $9.80, it was really good, thumbs up. The soup was so rich in flavour. I was impressed.

One of their dessert on the menu, sesame ice-cream with mochi, jellys and red bean paste. $5.60 A nice way to end my japanese sushi cravings. A small note is to try to avoid the peak hours as it might get really packed. I think I'm having the sushi cravings again. 

Ratings: 8.5/10
Address: 19 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop..

Summer days is coming soon. I can feel it! Well the weather here in Syd is much warmer as compared to Melb. It's time for summer clothings already. This year's spring/summer fashion is all about neutral colours. Sorry I kind of forgot this is actually a food blog. :D Okay back to real stuff. Since it's nice warm weather, let's have ice-cream! I was at Manly beach the other day and I spotted a nice awesome ice-cream shop, Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop. I know that it's a very famous brand from the States for a long time. But I only got to know about this brand few weeks ago, and I'm glad that I do now.

 Check out their freshly baked waffle cones. 

 Decision time! It was a nice and warm weather on that day. We had to queue to buy ice-cream.

Just in case you're interested to have a casual job in an ice-cream shop, how cool is that!

Little merchandise corner of Ben & Jerry's logo collections. Lots of cute cows.

Sweet cookies and cream with chocolate theraphy with the freshly baked cone. Awesome is the only description. Chocolate theraphy is definately for chocolate lovers. It's rich, creamy and chocolatey. Cookies and cream was great with chunks of cookies in it. The waffle cone is my favourite. How great to have nice cold ice-cream during the warm weather. They also sell the ice-cream in pint tub or mini cups that you can take away. There are also other selections on the menu like shakes, sundaes, smoothies and others. Love Ben & Jerry's. Love Manly.

Ratings: 10/10 (p/s I love ice-cream!)
Address: Shop 5 & 6, 25-27 South Steyne, Manly, 2100

Friday, October 1, 2010

Malaysia Fest 2010..

Last weekend I went for the Malaysia Fest 2010 at Tumbalong Park around at Darling Harbour area. It's a festival hosted by all the Malaysian Student Societies around Sydney. I was committee of the Malaysian society back in uni and I've never come across with such a huge Malaysian celebration in Melb. Great job for the Malaysian community in Sydney's universities. It felt really awesome to see so many people enjoying the Malaysian culture and food. Best of all, the weather was just awesome to hang out under the sun with lovely cool breeze. I went along with Jen and two other friends. 

Look at the crowd.. Isn't it amazing?

 This stall caught my attention straight away!

 Ta-da, apam balik, aka kap biang! My old time favourite back in my hometown in Sabah. Miss it so much! There's peanuts, sugar and butter in there. That's what normally we have back home. They also put some creamy corn in there with this one, which was equally yummy too! It was $7 for two. Who cares when I'm craving for it? 

 Satay chicken with peanut sauce. 

 More satays and sambal pulut from other stall. These satays wih the peanut gravy were awesome! Sambal pulut is simply glutinous rice with sambal prawn in banana leaves. Love it too. 

 Traditional nasi lemak with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves. The coconut rice was totally rich in flavour, just like the ones we have it at the mamak stalls in Malaysia. Mouth-watering!

 Martabak with curry sauce and peanut sauce as well. I've never really had martabak before, it was like roti canai wrapped with some meat in between. Nice one to try.

 I have to admit that Jen and myself were bit greedy at that time and we wanted to try it all. So this is what we bought just within minutes despite of the long queues. Amazing! Oh, also to mention that we've tried the sambal fried vermicelli, sugarcane juice, roti canai and popiah. Little disappointed with the sugarcane juice cause it was rather diluted. All the others was great!

Yes this is what four of us had for lunch on the ground under the sun. Good food, good company with nice weather. We were all full and satisfied with all of the food. Of course it was not cheap for that, if you want to compare it with Malaysia. But to be able to have these lovely food with such similar taste in foreign land, what more can you ask for? Awesome festival!