Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Rich Maha..

unfortunately i'm not too good in eating spicy food. if you're after for some really spicy stuff, indian food is one of the choices. before that i went to rich maha indian restaurant at 499 Burwood rd, Vermont South. the restaurant was all packed when we reached there.

the very moment that i stepped into the restaurant, you'll get the malaysian feel. how authentic is that. with the varieties to choose from, you'll be in a queue thinking what to order. it took me a while to explore all the different curries they have there.

the teh tarik was highly recommended. i should say it was really good. and in front it was the chicken masala, if i'm not mistaken. they are cooked with curries and some tomato paste, so i would say that it wasn't that spicy for this one. yummy one though!

the best part of the evening there. the plain roti was superb! it was made as thin as paper. seriously that is by far the best roti i had in melbourne after so many years. i really miss the ones in malaysia, and they are cheap as well! i also tried their roti banana. it was delicious! bear in mind that it was my first time having roti banana, you must be wondering whether i am malaysian or not. :P

lots of curries that we ordered. we had quite a few of us and as you can see, the serving is not too big. and some of them was really spicy!

this is the highlight, the fish head curry. huge serving and it took half an hour to be served. but it was worth the wait. it was cooked together with tomato, and some eggplant as well. and the curry sauce was awesome. it was hot and with the strong taste of spices. their dishes price range around $8 to $16.50. well it's a good choice if you're after for some spicyness and some roti cravings.

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