Saturday, January 30, 2010

Me Dee Thai Restaurant..

i went to me dee thai restaurant as recommended by friends. it is a surprisingly authentic small thai restaurant at 1/1 3 st john's avenue, springvale, 3171. there are alot of thais going there. and the food was really delicious! my mum and i ordered two mains, one seafood tom yum, $10 and a chicken pad thai, $10 and also a glass of coconut ice blended, $3.

it was all packed when we arrived there.

you would want to try this hot chilli spices if you're into spicy stuff

one of my favourites, seafood tom yum noodle soup. there's mushrooms, mussels, prawns, squid, fish balls, lemon grass, shallots, chilli, coriander, some chinese cabbage and something like lime leaves. it was really sour and with mild spicyness even though it might look like clear soup. two thumbs up!

pad thai with chicken, bean sprouts, fish cakes, spring onions, coriander, and peanuts. i like this one, it was mild and bit of sweetness. i like the noodles that they used. its chewy texture is so nice for stir fry like this and also evenly good in the tom yum noodle soup.

it was a big meal for two of us but yet i finished all of them. it was delicious! with a chilled coconut ice blended during the hot days, awesome!

okay i was trying to be adventurous and tried adding some dried chilli into the tom yum soup, it became too spicy for me! haha!

we were greedy enough to have desserts too! it was so tempting as they were selling some authentic desserts at the counter inside the shop. and so we picked this, something like 'ondeh-ondeh' in malaysia, a dessert made of flour and coconut flakes. it was really sweet!

the inner part of it looked like this. with caramelised cocnut flakes inside. $4 for a pack of 8.

and this, this, this!!!! we were so excited to see this, banana fritters like what we have in malaysia. we even waited for extra 20 minutes for the kitchen to fry these. seriously it might not be anything special, but for us that came here for so long and haven't been eating this for ages since we left malaysia, this is so huge for us to know that there is such authentic banana fritters selling around here!! my last time eating this was like more than 2 years ago. it tasted exactly the same and with some sesame flavour as well, it was heavenly good! like the highlight of my day.. it was $4 for a pack of 5 pieces. oh it was so good!


hikari* said...

The banana fritters are amazing right?!?

Me Dee is WenJi's second home. She goes there for lunch almost every weekend so it is kinda like her grandparent's house haha.

The last time we went there, Ray, WenJi and I had two bowls of noodles and 2 packets of banana fritters. Omg.

Mel said...

it was indeed really amazing! i didn't know that.. so nostalgic when i saw them!

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