Saturday, January 23, 2010

Mart 130..

i went to mart 130 today to try out their famously known breakfast. i was feeling quite excited to try out the place as there are quite alot of good reviews about the cafe. it has really unique name, mart is actually spelled backwards of tram, and it's stop number 130. it's at 107a, canterbury road, middle park or you can take tram 96 from bourke street towards st kilda beach. we didn't wait too long to get a table, and i was quite amazed by the ambience of the cafe and it's just right next to a football field, albert park. here's some photos..

this is the menu. it's a long list, that means varieties, i like!

some specials on the board.. one of us ordered the first one and the cook was kind enough to allow us to change the poached eggs to scrambled eggs. good service, tick!

somehow i just like the simple decorations on the table.

cappucino and honey chai latte. i'm not a coffee fan, but i heard that the coffee is pretty good.

this is what i had. scrambled eggs, with sour dough toast, spinach and mushrooms as the sides. the toast tasted really good. and the taste of the scrambled eggs was mild and fluffy. very healthy breakfast! love it..

this is the #2 in the menu. poached eggs with avocado, bacon and toast. the avocado together with the eggs are rich in flavour and with a taste of saltiness of the bacon, this is really interesting one..

the corn fritters with bacon. the fritters tasted sweet and by adding on the saltiness of bacon, it tasted really good. something new for us i should say.

i was playing around with my camera, used a different colour mode for this. anyway this is the #4 on the menu, there's poached eggs and smoked salmon, not sure how this one taste like. but definately looking good. anyway i had a great time enjoying the food and great company. definately coming back the next time!

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hikari* said...

This was a successful outing ended with loads of 'hen hao chi' from you. Where and when will the next one be? Heh.

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