Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mocha Jo's..

on new year's day, i went to mocha jo's at glen waverley, along kingsway. it's a really nice, cosy restaurant that i always wanted to give it a try. anyway my family and i headed there for breakfast and it ends at 12.45pm for weekends and public holidays. i would say the food was indeed pretty good, nice presentation and good in terms of flavour.

i've ordered for the billy's breakie, which came together with two poached eggs, avocado, smoked atlantic salmon on top of a slice of whole grain toast with a side of chilli tomato jam which was really intersting.

and as for dad, he ordered the mjs for works which included two fried eggs, sausages, braised mushrooms, bacon and grilled tomato with a slice of toast. the typical big breakfast that we normally have. love the braised mushroom. but i think it was a bit too dry.

sis ordered for something more simpler. she ordered the eggs benedicts which has two poached eggs with a slice of toast and with bacon. the saltiness of the bacon with the creamy feel of the eggs made it tasted really good.

for mum, she ordered banana bread. the bread tasted really rich, you can taste the strong buttery smell with the rich and soft texture of the banana bread with the crispyness of the outer layer. overall we all enjoyed the meal and it cost us about $60 for the meal.

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