Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lawson Grove Shop..

this time i've ventured into a small alley in south yarra, a small cafe in a residential area called lawson grove shop for breakfast. it's at 1 lawson grove, south yarra. it was listed one of the best breakfast place in melbourne under the age food guide. it's a really small, relaxing and cosy cafe. i saw there were customers who brought along their dogs there for a cup of coffee outside the cafe. it was just a nice place to hang out during a weekend morning. love the design of the place. and one more note, they accept cash only.

the menu print out. there's not too many choices there, from simple and light to heavy meals of your preferences. they have good quality of free range eggs.

look at the hot chocolate that i've ordered. love it to the max! it was superb and most of all, the chocolate coated marshmellows, it was absolutely amazing. i'm not a huge fan of marshmellows in hot choc, but this was really good.

my friend ordered for the chai tea. nice hot cup of strong fragrant chai tea to warm up your stomach before the meal.

this is the full as a goog! really cool name. the usual big breakfast that we can find around with bacon, mushrooms, avocado, poached eggs with toast. it was delicious, totally mouth watering by just looking at it.

my friend tried the son-in-law eggs. it was wok-fried eggs with chilli, beanshoots, fresh herbs, their special kind of sauce in a lettuce cup. it was really interesting combination for an early breakfast. more of an asian style inspired breakfast with the freshness of the vegetables and the strong flavour from the herbs and sauce.

this is what i've ordered that day. the potato roesti. it was absolutely a piece of art. i can't stop myself from raving how awesome this lovely combination of ratatouille, cheese, spinach and poached egg. it was an eye-opening experience for me. the potato was crispy, together with the softness of the egg and the saltiness of the cheese, the flavour blends so well together with the sauce the have underneath. love it!

Shout Out..

i've been writing for quite a while now. i've been constantly looking through on my changes that i made in my blogging style. i think i've done myself proud on the improvement so far. i wish i could do better. so it seems like i need some feedback on what i'm sharing. because i honestly have no idea on how interesting my blog is doing at the moment. thanks for the comments posted by some of my friends. it's really a booster for me to keep going. undeniably, i love food and love writing and sharing about it. by any chance, mind to spare some comments for me, probably apart from the capslock on wordings, i'm hopeless with that. i wanted to change it the other day, but somehow i felt that i wanted to keep the originality of me. probably change of background? more information on prices? more photos? change of format?

thanks for all the support anyways.


Saturday, May 22, 2010

Le Petit Gateau..

the other day i went to a small dessert cafe just close by to my office during lunch break with my friend after our cafe vue visit. it's called le petit gateau, located at 458 little collins street, melbourne city. the very moment that i stepped into the shop, i wanted to try out their lovely desserts displayed at the display counter. and they do sell different kinds of really awesome and mouth watering cakes. well you can tell that i love desserts.

it's not a very spacious shop but definately a place to try out for desserts or probably get one of their cakes.

we've ordered the chocolate mousse to try out. the cookie crumbs on top, layers of cream and mousse at the bottom and with some baileys liqour if i'm not mistaken. it was really yummylicious. the mousse was so smooth and together with the crunchiness of the cookie crumbs. i was like a happy kid at that moment. :) even the customer sitting beside us was asking what was it that we ordered. it looks interesting. i bet it was! love it!

Red Elephant Thai Restaurant..

the other day i had a girls night out to a thai restaurant, it's called red elephant thai restaurant at 332 burwood road, hawthorn, 3122. the atmosphere of the restaurant is great, red/orange colour background. it was packed with people when we arrived, maybe cause it was a weekend night. price range from $15 to $30 per dish. serving is not really huge, but it was fine for a few girls to share. there's quite a varieties of dishes to choose from on the menu. from spicy to non spicy ones.

we've ordered the stir fried chicken with vegetables and cashew nuts. it was pretty good, great home cooked style of dish.

i love this one! it's the spicy soft shell crab. it tasted really delicious, the crab was slightly deep fried and then stir fried with vegetables and some sauces. absolutely awesome.

we've also ordered the beef salad. authentic salad dish in thai restaurant. there was bit of sourness and spicyness added, and it went well together with rice.

this is the chicken yellow curry. classic dish and it was pretty good. not too spicy but it was just right. it was awesome to have it together with rice. we've also ordered the green curry. i'm a huge fan of green curry and i enjoyed myself eating it. i should say the price was bit expensive and personally prefer to have other vegetables added into the dishes apart from carrots and capsicums. then again, it was a nice meal.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snooty Fox..

during the easter weekend, i managed to explore a few nice places and one of them was snooty fox, it's located at 1457 mt dandenong tourist road, olinda, vic. it's a really cosy and quiet restaurant and with generous portions of yummy meal.

firstly we had entree to share. the cheese and spring onions on toasted bun. the bun was huge! and the cheese was oozing out when i had my first bite. i think it was bit too heavy for me for the start.

for me, i've ordered the atlantic salmon fillet on preserved lemon mash with toasted almonds and brown butter sauce. the skin of the salmon was so crispy and the fish was moist and tender. love the mash with tiny bit of sourness of the lemon and the saltiness of the butter together with some crisp of the toasted almonds. thumbs up!

my friend had the lamb rack with bumblebee sauce, pink peppercorns with honey. looks delicious! according to him, it was pretty good too but not so satisfied with the serving portion.

this is a really huge dish! it's duckling twice roasted with creamy mash and spinach, covered with red wine and gooseberry reduction. it tasted really good and with a strong herbs flavour. it actually tasted like our asian style of herb chicken. no kidding.. definately a fulfilling meal.

also ordered the eye fillet steak with mushroom sauce on creamy mash. traditional dish for a western restaurant. and of course it was delicious! the meat was tender and juicy. can't go wrong with this one.

we were served a huge bowl of green salad each along with our mains. healthy way of balancing up our huge portions of mains.

we ended our dinner with a slice of choc nut fudge brownie served with warm chocolate sauce and kahluah ice-cream. yum! it was superb. great way to end my dinner.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cafe Vue..

the other day i went for a quick lunch at cafe vue! i was so happy to try it out at the cafe and i love it. it's at 430 little collins street, between queen and willian street. sorry for the low quality of photos this time cause i took them with my phone and the background was red. talking about the background, it's a small, bit of quirkyness, luxurious, trendy looking cafe. very relaxing and it's nice place to have a quick catch up with friends and enjoy some nice food there. the service was really good as well.

finally i stepped into cafe vue.

i had the duck cassoulet jaffle. it's basically a toasted sandwich with duck and beans. that's all i can guess on with the ingredients inside. it was crispy outside and keeping the inside moist. love the salad. it was so refreshing and blended the flavours really well.

my friend had the yorkshire pudding, with roast wagyu beef and potato mash and gravy. definately two thumbs up for this. the pudding was so soft and flavoursome and the beef was so tender and juicy that it just melts in your mouth when you eat it. the potato mash was really nice too. the serving is rather small but the attention to detail on every aspects of the food is really impressive. i want more!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Blue Mini Cafe...

i was away for exam and i'm back! anyway this time i'm going to share about my experience at mornington peninsula, a cosy cafe along the nepean highway called blue mini cafe. the address is 1455 point nepean road, rosebud, vic 3939. it's about an hour drive away from melbourne if i'm not mistaken. nice place for a weekend getaway. the cafe serves quite a variety of choices on their menu and as you can see they are open for breakfast and lunch.

exploring through their menu. lots of choices. i was thinking hard on what to choose.

you can't go wrong with a hot cup of coffee to warm up your tummy.

i had a quick lunch and chose one of the curry wrap. also ordered a bowl of soup of the day and i think it ended up that they forgot about it and i had to cancel the soup because i was in a rush. but the wrap was pretty good, the curry was mild and the salad at the side was really good. good balance of flavour there.

my friend ordered the traditional bacon and eggs and lucky enough that gave him the option of changing the poached eggs to scrambled eggs. flavour wise, it was pretty good. we've also ordered some other meals. but they served the meals really slow that day. hence didn't take many photos of the food.

some cool pictures that they displayed in the room.

i think this is super cool and interesting display in the room. cool right? check out this place when you happen to pop by rosebud. enjoy!