Thursday, January 7, 2010


i actually went to steakhouse last year. yea it was just few weeks ago. anyway you can get the best deal on tuesdays at steakhouse. but definately need to pre-book for a table as it gets relly packed on tuesdays. as it was really packed, it took a while for the meal to be served. lucky for us that the waitress who was looking after for our table was really welcoming and friendly.

you can see the kitchen from the dining area.

recommended by the waitress that we should order some garlic bread as entree due to the long wait for our meal.

the main course that i ordered. it was the arabica dusted yearling grade beef, 280g porterhouse and it was $26. and the best deal about tuesday is that you get 50% off the bill with an order of main course and a dessert. so my steak was only $13. it was a bargain! as you can see, it only comes with the steak and some grilled cheese potato underneath. so you would want to order some sides which is around $8 per side. i also ordered a glass of rose. i should say it wasn't the best steak, but definately a bargain for the price you're paying.

after the full meal, it was dessert time! and i should say that their dessert was awesome! but too bad we were too full to enjoy our dessert. this one here is the raspberry cheesecake. nice presentation.

this is the tiramisu. it has a strong taste of almond, which was quite different from the normal ones we have. but it is one of the favourites in the dessert menu.

this is my cup of tea!! the chocolate pudding which is also one of the favourites and it was the best that i've eaten so far. the melting chocolate inside was pouring when i took my first bite. and with the lovely decorations and the cold vanilla ice-cream, it was just pure awesomeness. seriously very hard to describe but it was really that fantastic. two thumbs up!

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