Monday, January 11, 2010

Big Mama..

last week i went to a korean restaurant called Big Mama, at shop 462, swanston street. it's close by the public bath. i was starving when i arrived there. so when i was looking through the menu, my stomach agreed with me that they all looked yummy. anyway my friend and i settled with agedashi tofu as entree, my favourite kimchi chigae (stew kimchi with pork belly), and also karaage chicken.

one thing i like about korean cruisine is the sides that they provide. sometimes you get some very interesting sides and delicious too! the tofu was really good, one of the highly recommended dishes. my favourite kimchi stew was absolutely awesome, the flavour was so condensed and with lots of ingredients. it's one of the best ones that i've tried before. the chicken was fried till crispy but added some sauce on it that made it not too dry. i had a really satisfying meal and definately going back again. for the dishes we've ordered, it was about $16 per person which is considered quite cheap.

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