Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Hawker's Cafe..

if you're looking for authentic hainanese chicken rice in melbourne city, try the hawker's cafe at 213 russell street. the taste is rather similar to the ones we have in malaysia. how authentic is that.. the rice has the kind of oily, strong chicken flavour which i love it! and you can choose the chicken boneless steamed chicken or fried chicken. both of them equally good, depending how you like it. it serves together with a bowl of soup as well. i would prefer a chicken broth soup instead of a clear soup with some lettuce.

steamed boneless chicken rice. the normal serving size, which costs $8.80. you can choose to order a large size which is $11.80. the chilli sauce tastes quite nice with sourish, gingery flavour and a bit of spicyness. probably would taste better if it has more spicyness. but still it's yummylicious..

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