Thursday, January 21, 2010

Sawasdee thai restaurant..

yesterday i went out dinner with a few friends and headed to sawasdee thai restaurant at 1/139 little bourke street. the atmosphere is really nice and quiet, with classy interior design yet keeping some authentic feel of thai. there were four of us, and we ended up ordering a vegetarian pad thai, chicken green curry, tom yum soup and rice. you get to choose the spicyness of the spicy dishes and also the ingredients to go with it, varieties of selections depending how you like it to be. i think the food was pretty yummy and love my favourite tom yum soup. it was rather pricey restuarant though, we paid for about $75 for the meal. the main dishes range $20ish per plate and the soup was $9.80 per serving.

the pad thai was really nice. with a hint taste of lemon, spices and peanuts. nice presentation too.

the in-house famous green curry and i ordered it with chicken. ordered mild for this one but it turned out to be bit spicy too. but it tasted delicious with the jasmine rice.

my favourite tom yum soup. it was really yummy, definately a mouth watering dish. would love it to have more ingredients, there was only mushrooms, tomato and a slice of prawn in there. but i still love it alot, it tasted great! i had an enjoyable night with great food and great company.

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