Sunday, December 6, 2009

The booth..

i went to box hill with mum last saturday and tried out the booth, a taiwanese restaurant along station street. we ordered an entree and also a main course to share. for entree we ordered a taiwanese hawker food, with one soft layer of bread, stuffed with stewed pork inside and some vegetable pickles and peanut. it was the highlight. it was so delicious, the flavour and texture was just right on the spot. we also ordered the booth signature noodle soup that comes with fried drumsticks. there were a few kinds of noodles that you can choose from. we ordered the flat noodle, which was something like the 'ban mian' we have in malaysia. the soup was really mild, so when you eat it with the chicken which was more oily, it just balanced out the oily-ness. the chicken drumsticks were fried with bread crumbs, so it had a very crispy texture. awesome!! for the two dishes, we paid for around $15. pretty good price for some authentic taiwanese hawkers food.

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