Saturday, December 5, 2009

Jade Kingdom

last week was my dad's birthday and we went all the way to heidelberg to try out a famous malaysian restaurant called jade kingdom. it was about 40 mins drive from my house, really far but i was really looking forward to have some good food. when we actually arrived there, i was surprised to see that it was a rather small restaurant, probably it's best to book a table before going. when i was browsing through the menu, there was so many things that i wanted to try out. anyway we settled with kangkung belachan, yam ring with kung po chicken, assam fish, buttered prawn and sizzling plate tofu. your saliva just flows out by just imagining those dishes. how we missed those food in malaysia.

the dishes are all really authentic malaysian chinese cruisine and we can't really find it everywhere here in aussie. so to be able to look for a place like that, it's definately a happy thing to share. when the food was served, their portion was rather generous and they all looked really delicious. i think the best dish was the assam fish, the flavour was so strong and the thick sauce went really well with rice. it was cooked with onions, eggplant, and some other vegetables. the yam ring was not as good as what we have in malaysia, but it's definately good enough to satisfy our taste buds. the sizzling plate tofu was served in front of us, the waitress just poured the tofu on top of the hot plate and you can see the sizzling sound just went off. two thumbs up for all of the dishes! it was worthwhile to go that far for the dinner. we paid for $120 for the five dishes. so the price was pretty reasonable. i think i will go back again for the other dishes. or maybe when i have the cravings of them.

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