Monday, December 14, 2009


i did mention that my weekend was all about food. went to kenzan@GPO for a quick lunch. the shop is at GPO which is at the corner of bourke street and elizabeth street along an alley. they have really good ramen, alot of my friends give me the same comments. should try it out! the shop is always packed of people during lunch time on weekdays. it's the same during weekends too. i like their wide varieties of sushis, and best of all you get to wrap it your own. their hand rolls range from $3.20 to $4.50, slightly more expensive than other places but definately fresh and delicious. and with their ramen, it's around $13 if i'm not mistaken.

look at the counter place, there were lots of people waiting to order. they have wide selections from sushis, ramen, chef's special to bento boxes. the dining area is actually outdoor,so it might get a bit noisy during the peak hours.

they have hand rolls or onigiris. i love the soft shell crab hand roll
and lobster with potato salad hand roll!

a simple and healthy lunch or snack with a hot miso soup and onigiri.


Tarnos said...

Please remind me not to view your blog in the middle of the night. I am hungry!!!

Mel said...

hahahaha!! i'll post more yummy food.. :P

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