Sunday, December 13, 2009


this weekend was all about food and shopping. i went to my friend's place for potluck gathering. and we had heaps of delicious food and of course i want to share it with you as well. i made tiramisu for dessert! we had a few dishes like the eggroll pancake with cheese and spring onions, glutinous rice meat ball, coke marinated chicken wings, very delicious and traditional stir fried vermicilli, cold tofu with seafood sauce and spring onion, and of course fruit platter and tiramisu for dessert. our tummies were all satisfied with all the yummy food and off we went on chit-chatting for the next hour. enjoyed it so much and thanks to everyone!

the eggroll pancake with cheese inside. it was delicious with a bit of spicyness by the pepper and the saltiness of the cheese and some chewy texture of the pancake.

the cold tofu was so refreshing and the sauce was yummy! there's some seafood sauce, soya sauce, mirin sauce(japanese one). easy and delicious.

our traditional vermicilli. can't go wrong with that for a potluck party! with some cabbages, carrot, onion, mushroom and garlic. and some egg crumbles as decorations!

like this one! coke marinated chicken wings...

glutinous rice meat ball. roll the meat ball with some glutinous rice and then steam it for 10+ minutes. and add on some spring onions on top. ta da! simple and healthy dish..

look at the food...we enjoyed them all!

had a huge fruit platter and some tiramisu for dessert. yum.. healthy and satisfying meal!

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