Friday, December 11, 2009

Kuni's and Max Brenner..

hohoho.. christmas is in the air. and i was browsing at different restaurants for my company's christmas lunch. while browsing, i got to learn more restaurants available around in the city area. and also more places that i want to go and try out. i'll have to take it slowly. :P have to constantly remind myself about it. i'm greedy, i admit that.

anyways last night i went to a japanese restaurant for a birthday dinner for my friend. the restaurant is called kuni's, it's along little bourke street, in between of exhibition and spring street. haven't been to that area before and also wasn't expecting a rather nice restaurant around there. i was quite surprised when we got into the restaurant. the ambience there was nice and quiet. we took a while to look through the menu, there are quite a few chef's recommandations. we set down with an entree sashimi to share, sukiyaki, grilled salmon with sake sauce, and also a 120g wagyu steak. i've read reviews saying that their sushi and sashimi are pretty awesome. i have to say that the price was bit expensive. however the food turned out to be really good. when we had the sashimi, it was just mouth watering. the freshness of the sashimi and with a tint taste of lemon. one word. awesome! there's salmon, cod fish and another one which i'm not too sure what fish was it. it was 18 dollars for the entree.

when the main came out, which took quite a while, there was some wow factor. the presentation was nice and it definately looked yummy. the wagyu steak, undeniably delicious, the meat was juicy and tender, altho it costs around 5 dollars for one slice of it. it was 40 dollars for the dish which come together with a bowl of rice and vegetables. a small tip is to have the steak when it's still sizzling hot on the hot plate, as the meat will turn out to be tough after it's overcooked. the salmon was pretty good as well, it's cooked just right and with light flavours so that it won't cover the freshness of the fish. also had some huge cod roe on top of the fish. i had the sukiyaki which had a large serving. would prefer that it was served with the raw egg, instead the egg was cooked together. there were lots of ingredients, like green peas, tofu, white cabbage, inoki, mushroom, and with lots of beef. can't compare the beef with the wagyu steak. but the soup was really strong in flavours, really good! love it. it was $28 for the sukiyaki and same for the salmon. i was pretty full after my big portion of sukiyaki.

overall we had a nice dinner, despite the price and the old plates and cutlery. wanted to try out the dessert but ended up going to max brenner for dessert. another round of food! max brenner at melbourne central. prefect place for some chocolate addiction. went there quite a few times but never get sick of it. this time i tried their chocolate souffle, something like chocolate fondant, or maybe they are pretty much the same? anyway it was really rich and yummy. with the melting chocolate in the middle of the soft spongy cake. i was feeling glucose overdose after that. i've tried baking chocolate fondant before and it's pretty much the same. i enjoyed myself that night and hope that same goes to my lovely friends.

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