Saturday, December 26, 2009

Shark fin house..

last week i went for yum cha session with my collegues at shark fin house. it's along little bourke street, slightly after russell street. i've heard alot about this restaurant and i've never been there before. my friends who went there before told me that it was really good. so i was rather looking forward to try out. i went with two other girls. so we didn't eat too much. but we did manage to try quite a few popular ones. the service was average as they were really busy during the peak times. we went for the first session which started from 11am. you do need to pre-book for a table as it's always packed.

we tried out the shiu long bao, i would say that there are better ones at other places. also had black bean stew pork, that one was pretty good. my all time favourite.

we also tried quite a few fried stuffs like the fried taro with minced pork, pan fried white carrot cake, and others. i liked the fried taro.. it was really crispy outside and the flavour was just nice.

a must order "shiu mai" it was delicious! we also tried a few steamed ones but i couldn't remember the names. then we finished up with some desserts. i had the mango sago which was awesome. love it! we paid for about $60 for the bill. i guess the price is quite average as compared to the ones we have around surburbs.

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