Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pacific House

I had dinner with a few collegues at pacific house, along lonsdale street. it was my first time there. they are famous of their roasted meat. tried out their roast duck and roast pork. i have to admit that it was pretty good, the meat was juicy and tender while the skin was crispy. but it was a little too oily. that's the best part at the same time. haha! can't eat it everyday, if not you're going to get high cholestrol. the serving was pretty huge, and i had it with noodles. it was a bit too dry. i miss the malaysian ones.

they have quite a varieties of dishes on the menu, from chinese to western and from entrees to desserts and bubble teas. very similar to star east at glen waverley. service was average, don't really like it when they started to clear our table when we were still chatting. but i guess this is a normal situation in chinese restaurants. anyway nice catch up dinner with a few friends.


Tarnos said...

Everyone says the city one is not as good as South Yarra. And I think the staff there are pretty arrogant in the city. But that's my take. Never been there for about 6 months to a year already hehe.

Oh, keep up the interesting write ups =)

Mel said...

well the city one is moer cafe style while the south yarra is restaurant style. so if you're up for some quick meal, the city one would be a better one.

thanks alot! will do more research and eating too.. ^^

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