Friday, December 25, 2009

max bar and restaurant..

merry x'mas everyone!! i finally have some relxing time after a hectic week at work. and finally some time to blog. i've been eating alot and wanting to share with you all but i was too tired by the time i reached home after work. anyways it's christmas! well i had my company christmas lunch at max bar and restaurant at hardware lane. we had three course set menu. with entree to share, we had bread with three kinds of dipping sauces, baked mushrooms and baked prawns. i personally like the baked mushrooms, something interesting.

then we had our main courses. we had a selection of eye fillet, lamb shanks, seafood paella, chicken max and also vegetarian options.

their lamb shanks was pretty good, the meat was juicy and tender after long hours of stewing.

as for the eye fillet, it was average, like the bed of mashed pumpkin underneath the steak.

i ordered the seafood paella, basically it was something like seafood fried rice. i think it was quite yummy but it was bit too dry. overall we had a satisfying meal. of course we still have desserts with coffee and tea!

i ordered the chocolate pudding.. it was delicious, with the hot melting chocolate inside. and ate it with the vanilla ice-cream. i was really full after the lunch. the fun part of christmas. yummy food, desserts, presents and good company.

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