Saturday, February 27, 2010

Grant Hyatt Function..

last week i went to a charity ball organised by the melbourne chinese community, and i was sponsored by my company. ohh. it was at grand hyatt! the food was awesome!

this is the menu! can't wait...

i love the table decorations. simple but elegant.

ta da! this is the entree..smoked salmon with herbs. it was refreshing.

i had the beef fillet. the meat was abolutely juicy, tender and soft. just melts inside your mouth. it was cooked medium rare, i don't normally eat medium rare, kind of a challenge for me. but it was undeniably good. love the onion confit with the red wine sauce.

this is the blue eye cod. it was a bit overcooked though.

lovely dessert to end the meal. the sorbet has a really strong champagne taste, goes really well with the pudding and strawberries. and the choc almond to finish it off. enjoyed the dinner!

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