Saturday, February 20, 2010

Kam Bo Chinese Restaurant..

well i had my reunion dinner with my family at kam bo chinese restaurant at shop 1, 1 mahoneys road, forest hill. we've even ordered for the set menu with six dishes for $326. there were eight of us. interesting meal and with reasonable prices. it turned out to be quite satisfying meal, we were quite happy with the food.

we had stir fried lobster with ginger and spring onion and noodles to begin with. it was delicious! the gingery taste was a bit too strong for me but the flavour was awesome.

this is the deep fried prawn with bread underneath. it was coated with a thick layer of bread crumb. and eating it with the mayonnaise and sweet chilli sauce, it was yummy! my cousin sister enjoyed it.

this is the stir fried spinach with mushrooms, dried scallops and also abalone..mushrooms. we really thought it was abalone. haha!

this is the deep fried chicken with salty egg yolk. one of the old time favourite.

next is the stir fried squid with vegetables and seaweed.

and finally we had an awesome steamed fish with ginger and spring onion. this one was definately good, it was cooked just spot on and with the freshness of the fish, it was absolutely mouth watering. i had lots of rice just because of the dish. all in all we were quite satisfied with the food. one more new place to go for chinese food. p/s i think it was better than shark fin inn.

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