Thursday, February 4, 2010

+39 Pizzeria & Degustation..

today i went to +39 pizzeria & degustation bar at 362 little bourke street, melbourne for lunch with my collegue. it was such a busy and packed place when we arrived. lucky for us that we had bookings so we didn't wait for too long for a table. simple and easy going interior. i like how they write the menu on the black coloured wall.

a photo of the restaurant. it was taken out of their website. i just can't help it to show you those adorable desserts that they have in front of their counter. it was so mouth watering looking at them. i shall come back another time for high tea and have a taste of them.

their simple menu. i like the concept of their pizza making. a piece of art. i'm a huge fan of art and food is in fact some sort of art. you enjoy the presentation, the taste, the ingredients and the love of food. for me, they might not be the best, but it's good enough to satisfy my cravings for good food.

here's what we ordered. i also ordered a cup of hot chocolate for $3. surprisingly the hot chocolate was pretty good. a nice and satisfying way to finish off my meal. my collegue ordered their home made lasagne, $18. it was really rich in flavour and definately cheesy. but i like the smooth texture of it and how it melts inside your mouth.

my salamino pizza with salami, baby tomato, red lettuce, and some cheese. it was $13.50 for that pizza. it was kind of huge. for me, i think the pizza dough was made really fine and thin, i like the crispy part of the base. yum! but you would need a few pinches of salt and pepper to add on some flavour. personally i would prefer to have more cheese on top. overall it was a nice experience there. however, it was rather noisy during the peak times. good place for a quick lunch and catch up with friends. you might want to try their coffees, heard good comments on them.

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