Friday, February 19, 2010

Chinese new year..

happy chinese new year everyone! it's the time when everyone gather to catch up and have some authentic chinese food for good beginning of the year. i've been out for dinners, gatherings and lucky enough to taste some awesome food. here's some homemade food that i had lately.

i had fried egg with clams/mussels, pan fried bun with stew pork belly with taro at my friend's place. that was superb. absolutely love that one. thanks for the awesome meal.

i had a small pre-cny pot luck party at my office. look at all the yummy food with desserts.

i went over to my friend's palce for dinner on the second day of cny. and look at all the food he cooked. this is the fried fish with sambal paste and anchovies and fried piggy fat. totally can't find this anywhere else. special recipe!

i had an awesome meal and thanks to the chef! hope i'm not putting on too much weight. haha! anyway hope everyone is enjoying themselves and have a great year ahead..

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