Sunday, February 21, 2010

Eastern Palace..

well well this weekend i had yum cha session with my parents and another couple of mum's friends. it's a favourite thing to do during chinese new year, don't you think so? anyway mum and her friend have a good impression with eastern palace which is at 1171 stud road, rowville, vic 3178. if you're looking for a yum cha place which is not that noisy, this is definately a place to go for. the price might be a little pricey but we're happy with the food and environment.

more dumplings please! one of the favourite is prawn with chives.

another all time favourite. 'siu mai' mince pork and prawn dampling. nice one!
chicken feet. mum likes it alot..

steamed pork with black bean and chilli. this is really good.. the meat was kept juicy and tender.

chee cheong fan also known as fresh rice sheets with prawn and soya sauce. like this one cause the rice sheets was not too thick.

look how crispy puff pastry kind of crust of the egg tarts. it just melts inside your mouth with the egg custard. faint! it was really that good. i'm a huge fan of egg tarts. i shall try it in hong kong. anyway i ended up with a bowl of sweet beancurd dessert, also called tau fu fa. enjoyed myself and best of all, we were able to chit chat without yelling at each other.


hikari* said...

Mel you have been eating a lot hor.

Mel said...

it's chinese new year ma.. haha!! i bet you are eating alot there too? enjoy there!

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