Sunday, February 7, 2010

Shark Fin Inn..

Chinese new year is around the corner and i bet everyone is like busy spring cleaning, looking for restaurants to go on that day, baking cookies and also buy lots of cny goodies to give relatives and so on. that's our chinese tradition for cny preparation. oh well, i had a pre-celebration with a group of friends before they all go back for their family reunions. last night we headed to shark fin inn at 50 little bourke street. well the shark fin group have a few restaurants around and shark fin inn is their older shop along chinatown. they have quite famous reputation of their food. let's check it out..

we've ordered a total of eight dishes for a group of 11. and this is the stir fry snow peas, carrots, mushrooms with scallops. looks yummy right? the flavour was really mild, and the taste of the scallops stood out quite well. i would think that it would be better if add on some garlic into it.

stir fried deer meet with spring onions and ginger. it's one of my favourite dishes way back in malaysia. we have really good ones there. and this one was just average.

stir fried enoki mushroom, shredded dried scallops with snow pea shoots. i like this one!

this is the stew chicken with vegetables. it supposed to have a special name for this dish, but i forgot what is it called. it was delicious, rich in flavours and i like the varieties of vegetables that they added into it.

this is the 'pi pa tofu'. it's actually a type of cantonese dish. there are added shrimp together with the tofu and then deep fried with some sauce on top. it was delicious! and of course nice presentation.

highlight of our meal was of course the steamed fish! we've ordered 'mang chou' and it's $24 per pound. and this one is almost 1.75 pound. so this fish costs us $42. it was pretty good, can taste the freshness of the fish and it wasn't overcooked, which was great! enjoyed it alot. we've also ordered sesame deep fried chicken and pork spare ribs. didn't manage to take photos of them. anyways we had an enjoyable meal. but on the down side, it was bit pricey than normal chinese restaurants. they charged $5 per person for rice and tea. our total bill for the night was $239. the other dishes price range around $20-ish per plate. so maybe you want to try it out yourself.


Tarnos said...

Expensive ah... hahaha. Small serve size too, or maybe there was just too many people =p

Mel said...

hmm.. actually i think it's just too many of us. haha!

Tarnos said...

UTUDDDDD never write anymore ka =(

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