Saturday, February 27, 2010

Japanese Cafe..

one good thing about working in the city is that you can have lots of varieties of food for a quick lunch. one of my favourite place is very near to queen street along little bourke street. and the thing is that i have no idea what is the shop name. it's a very small shop, so normally we just sit outside of the shop, getting some fresh air and enjoy some nice and quickie lunch. i normally have their bento box for $9.80 together with a bowl of miso soup. but the other day, i had a try with their seafood udon which is also at the same price, look at the amount of seafood in that bowl. and the udon was was cooked just right. it was oh-so-good. absolutely love it. i'll try and hunt for the shop name sometime!

*found the shop name, it's called sushi deli. and their chicken curry on rice is equally good too!

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