Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Degraves Espresso Bar..

i've been eating alot of chinese food lately. anyway this entry will be on western. remember the last time i had breakfast at mart 130? i decided to try out another place, this time is degraves espresso bar at 23 degraves st, at the heart of melbourne city, just nearby flinders lane. there are quite a few coffee shops around that area and it can get really packed during weekends. i like that place alot as it has the melbourne city feel, with artistic graffiti wall, and aromatic coffee smell along the street. definately a place to bring visitors to.

i like the little decoration of the shop, it has a small and laid back environment. but it does get really crowded at times. maybe you can spot a table outside, enjoying bit of sunshine and wind breeze.

iced chocolate. it's a good choice during summer. a bit too sweet for me though..

hot cup of cappucino. it definately looks pretty..

i had the hot chocolate. my fav! it was pretty good..

this is the latte. they have really good coffees there, and according to some reviews, the cafe latte is the best. maybe you would want to give it a try.

i had the eggs florentine, with spinach and toast. it was delicious, but i still prefer the sourdough toast in mart 130.

sis had the usual, grilled tomatoes, poached eggs, bacon and toast. for me it was bit average.

this is the highlight! french toast with maple syrup and strawberries. it was absolutely superb! the toast was cooked to perfection. haven't tried such good french toast before. and the sweetness of the maple syrup and sourness of the strawberries, just blends together really well. i don't mind to have more of these. love it! all in all, it was great fun trying out the new place.


Tarnos said...

Eh I think we went here before? 4 of us was it? It was before something at city. Or maybe it looks the same only haha.

Mel said...

the one we went was the opposite shop of this one. haha!

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