Friday, October 1, 2010

Malaysia Fest 2010..

Last weekend I went for the Malaysia Fest 2010 at Tumbalong Park around at Darling Harbour area. It's a festival hosted by all the Malaysian Student Societies around Sydney. I was committee of the Malaysian society back in uni and I've never come across with such a huge Malaysian celebration in Melb. Great job for the Malaysian community in Sydney's universities. It felt really awesome to see so many people enjoying the Malaysian culture and food. Best of all, the weather was just awesome to hang out under the sun with lovely cool breeze. I went along with Jen and two other friends. 

Look at the crowd.. Isn't it amazing?

 This stall caught my attention straight away!

 Ta-da, apam balik, aka kap biang! My old time favourite back in my hometown in Sabah. Miss it so much! There's peanuts, sugar and butter in there. That's what normally we have back home. They also put some creamy corn in there with this one, which was equally yummy too! It was $7 for two. Who cares when I'm craving for it? 

 Satay chicken with peanut sauce. 

 More satays and sambal pulut from other stall. These satays wih the peanut gravy were awesome! Sambal pulut is simply glutinous rice with sambal prawn in banana leaves. Love it too. 

 Traditional nasi lemak with coconut rice wrapped in banana leaves. The coconut rice was totally rich in flavour, just like the ones we have it at the mamak stalls in Malaysia. Mouth-watering!

 Martabak with curry sauce and peanut sauce as well. I've never really had martabak before, it was like roti canai wrapped with some meat in between. Nice one to try.

 I have to admit that Jen and myself were bit greedy at that time and we wanted to try it all. So this is what we bought just within minutes despite of the long queues. Amazing! Oh, also to mention that we've tried the sambal fried vermicelli, sugarcane juice, roti canai and popiah. Little disappointed with the sugarcane juice cause it was rather diluted. All the others was great!

Yes this is what four of us had for lunch on the ground under the sun. Good food, good company with nice weather. We were all full and satisfied with all of the food. Of course it was not cheap for that, if you want to compare it with Malaysia. But to be able to have these lovely food with such similar taste in foreign land, what more can you ask for? Awesome festival! 


Morna said...

Oh noooooo... kap biang!!! wth why it wasnt on when I was over GRRRRRRR

chocolatesuze said...

how awesome was the apam balik! ♥

Mel said...

super awesome! wonder if we can make it at home..

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