Saturday, October 30, 2010

Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar & Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream..

I'm finally free from exams! Never ending of studying I should say. I had a really tough week and I'm glad that it's all over now. Anyway here's a quick post to share with you on how I actually being spoiled by Jen after my exam. We decided to try out Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar at the Imax theatre building. The view at the restaurant was awesome! We were being seated beside the glass door, with the whole Darling harbour view in front of us. Great service as well, maybe cause we were there for early dinner.

 We've ordered the huge hot and cold seafood platter for two. There's garlic butter grilled lobster, love it! And fried fish and chips, pan fried marinated prawns, salt and pepper squid, smoked salmon, mussels, oysters, more cold prawns, and crab! That's $130 for the whole plate, and we've got the entertainment card which allowed for 25% discount. Pretty good for a seafood meal. 

Anderson's of Denmark blood orange sorbet ice cream with waffle cone for dessert in front of the Darling Harbour. What more can I ask for? Loving it!

Ice Cube Seafood Grill and Bar
Ratings: 8/10
Address: 31 Wheat Road, Sydney 2000 NSW

Anderson's of Denmark Ice Cream
Address: Shop FC11, Harbourside Shopping Centre, Sydney 2000 NSW


Morna said...

eat eat eat. Like a pig!

Jenny said...

omg! i want to eat<.<

chocolatesuze said...

grats on the freedom :D

Mel said...

sis, wait till u join me with the eating... haha!

Jenny: you really should come over and try them out.. ^^

Suze: Thanks alot!

hikari* said...

I love the seafood galore.

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