Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop..

Summer days is coming soon. I can feel it! Well the weather here in Syd is much warmer as compared to Melb. It's time for summer clothings already. This year's spring/summer fashion is all about neutral colours. Sorry I kind of forgot this is actually a food blog. :D Okay back to real stuff. Since it's nice warm weather, let's have ice-cream! I was at Manly beach the other day and I spotted a nice awesome ice-cream shop, Ben & Jerry's Scoop Shop. I know that it's a very famous brand from the States for a long time. But I only got to know about this brand few weeks ago, and I'm glad that I do now.

 Check out their freshly baked waffle cones. 

 Decision time! It was a nice and warm weather on that day. We had to queue to buy ice-cream.

Just in case you're interested to have a casual job in an ice-cream shop, how cool is that!

Little merchandise corner of Ben & Jerry's logo collections. Lots of cute cows.

Sweet cookies and cream with chocolate theraphy with the freshly baked cone. Awesome is the only description. Chocolate theraphy is definately for chocolate lovers. It's rich, creamy and chocolatey. Cookies and cream was great with chunks of cookies in it. The waffle cone is my favourite. How great to have nice cold ice-cream during the warm weather. They also sell the ice-cream in pint tub or mini cups that you can take away. There are also other selections on the menu like shakes, sundaes, smoothies and others. Love Ben & Jerry's. Love Manly.

Ratings: 10/10 (p/s I love ice-cream!)
Address: Shop 5 & 6, 25-27 South Steyne, Manly, 2100


chocolatesuze said...

mmm i ♥ ben and jerrys! esp the peanut butter cookie dough!

Mel said...

thanks suze! gonna try that out next time. :D

Flaming Pot said...

Wow mel, rating 10/10, they must be that good! :) I'm waiting when they're opening in Melbourne..

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