Thursday, October 14, 2010

Albee's Kitchen..

There are times that I have serious cravings for "pan mian" from my hometown. I've missed it so much, and it's really rare that I get to find it around in Aussie. The other day my friend was introducing a malaysian restaurant at Campsie, called Albee's kitchen. And off we went there to try out, even brought my sis there when she came over. I'm already feeling hungry by just looking at the photos. A little note is that it's also one of the restaurants listed in the Good Food Guide 2011 for Sydney. So there you go.

How authentic and classic menu they have. They also have different specials on their menu everyday.

It's really a Malaysian culture. Because of the hot weather for the whole year, we always have "chinese leong cha", aka chinese herbal drinks that can be ordered in restaurants and cafes. We can find it there!

The "pan mian" that I'm refering to. It's a hokkien style egg noodle soup, comprises hand-kneaded pieces of dough. 

 The soup base was awesome and we were definately enjoying it. The closest taste to hometown that we can find so far.

 Hokkien mee. Thick yellow noodles stir fried with dark soy sauce and pork lard. So good!

Fish head noodles. This was totally superb, spot on! two thumbs up! I love it so much, the soup base was totally awesome. It was creamy, strong flavours and the sourness of the vegetable pickles. Surprisingly you get a huge amount of fish meat in there. My mum will definately love this too. It was a very generous portion and I managed to finish the whole bowl. 

 Watan hor, or you called it sar hor fun in some of the Malaysian restaurant. Fried thick noodles with egg sauce. Love it! My old time favourite.

Yee mee soup. The thick yummy soup base was totally oh-so-good! All of them has a average price of $10 each. And you'll get great satisfaction with every dish. You'll also find some really authentic home cooked dishes like pandan leaves wrapped chicken and bah kut teh. Cheap prices, good quality food and generous portion at a family restaurant.

Ratings: 9/10
Address: 282 Beamish Street, Campsie NSW 2194


chocolatesuze said...

yummm the fish head noodles sounds delish!

Mel said...

it was really really good! a must try..

Woo Hsian said...

Do you reckon it's better than any you have eaten in Melbourne? Sounds really good. =)

Mel said...

wh, i still like malaysia garden for hokkien noodles and watan hor at straits cafe in melb.. ^^ the others were really awesome..

Anonymous said...

Wow, did you finish the fish head soup on your own ? I agreed they have yummy large servings, and very clean tidy kitchen too !

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