Thursday, September 30, 2010


During my birthday month, Jen brought me to his favourite cosy korean bbq restaurant at Eastwood, it's called Insadong. It's more like a family restaurant, so it's rather quiet during the weekday nights. We went there twice in a month.

Some side dishes for us to start out our meal. We went for bbq for that night, so we've ordered for plum wine to go with it.

We've ordered for a deluxe bbq set, a standard meal for four of us with extra rice. There was mussels, beef skirts, squids, octopus, prawns and marinated pork and beef. $60

All ready to go!

I was actually amazed that they actually used charcoal underneath, and with an huge canopy style exhaust fan at every table. The meat tasted better with the charcoal smell. I really like the beef skirts and having it together with the given miso bean paste and lettuce. 

The other time we've also tried the fried mackerel. It was delicious. The meat was moist and tender. Best of all, it wasn't oily at all. Should try that. $21

Or maybe try the octopus ball. It was equally good. 

Ratings: 8/10
Address: 223 Rowe Street, Eastwood NSW 2122

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