Sunday, October 10, 2010

Makoto Sushi Bar..

There's a japanese sushi shop that I've found when I came over to visit Sydney for the first time two years ago. It's Makoto Sushi Bar at Liverpool Street. I went again when my sissy came over. Well the thing is that there aren't many sushi train places in Melb. So this shop definately attracts my attention.

Salmon avocado roll $3.60

Specials: Octopus nigiri $3.00

My sis's favourite, Japanese edamame green bean pillow $3.60

Takoyaki balls $3.60

My favourite, unagi nigiri $3.60

Teriyaki chicken udon $9.80

Samples decorated at the main entrance.

More and more.. I love the sushis there cause they are all really good and fresh with great presentation.

Also check out for their specials, they have different types of specials everyday.

Yellow fin tuna nigiri

We've tried one of their today's special sushi set $27.50 which was awesome! Enjoyed all of them.

Also to mention their nabeyaki udon $9.80, it was really good, thumbs up. The soup was so rich in flavour. I was impressed.

One of their dessert on the menu, sesame ice-cream with mochi, jellys and red bean paste. $5.60 A nice way to end my japanese sushi cravings. A small note is to try to avoid the peak hours as it might get really packed. I think I'm having the sushi cravings again. 

Ratings: 8.5/10
Address: 19 Liverpool Street, Sydney NSW 2000


chocolatesuze said...

yum i ♥ makoto esp the aburi salmon!

Mel said...

yes! i've tried aburi salmon too. yum!

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