Sunday, October 31, 2010

Guylian Belgian Chocolate Cafe..

The other day I went Guylian Chocolate Cafe with my sis when she was around. That was my second attempt there, but sadly it wasn't as pleasant as the previous experience. We were quite disappointed with the service at that time. We were being told that there was no belgian waffles when we wanted to order one. But the next thing, we actually saw other patrons at the next table were having waffles half an hour later. It would have been great that the waitress just told us that we needed to wait longer for it cause it was my sis from Melb who wanted to have it. Not only that, we were being left unattended there for quite a while. Despite all these, I still managed to enjoy myself with the lovely chocolate treats and more photos with my dearest on a lazy weekend afternoon.

Guylian hot chocolate. A slice of chocolate into the cup and added my hot chocolate into it. 

 Very thick creamy and rich chocolate flavour.

Guylian baked chocolate cake with the signature ganache, served with a scoop of whte chocolate and raspberry ice-cream on the side. The chocolate cake was moist and rich in flavours. Totally for chocolate lovers.

Soup of the day, asparagus soup with sliced baguette to fix our savoury cravings. It was kind of  disappointing on that cause the soup was all diluted. So I guess I'll still stick with the chocolates and desserts. 

Ratings: 5/10
Address: 91 George Street, The Rocks, Sydney 2000 NSW


Morna said...

Its broccoli soup, not asparagus, you dumb dumb! How could your forget??? :P

Mel said...

i remembered it was broccoli but somehow i've just typed in asparagus! haha! my bad!

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