Monday, October 18, 2010

Sydney Fish Market..

One thing I love about Sydney is the Sydney Fish Market. Amazing amount of fresh seafood produce. I've heard that there's restaurant there too, but haven't get to try it out yet. Thanks sissy for the photos. It's actually really cool to visit around the market. There's so much to explore and eat. My lttle tip is to go there earlier, before noon time, so that you can avoid the large crowd.

Sashimi time!

Scampi is something new for me. Haven't really tried it before. 

There's much more, lobsters, mud crabs, prawns, and different kinds of fishes.

This is the "Must Eat" salmon and tuna sashimi set. I personally prefer salmon and it was really fresh and I couldn't get enough of it. 

Fresh oysters with lemon. You can get this for $8 for half dozen of them. Not a huge fan of oysters, but it was really fresh.

Seafood platter for two. And yes, sis and I went for the asian style, ordered that with rice. Surprisingly it turned out really yummy and satisfying. There's fried prawns, oysters in two ways, fried calamari, chinese style bbq squid, and scallops. That can be shared between three person. 

More oysters and lobsters. Love them to the max! 

Address: 200/9 Bank Street, Sydney NSW


chocolatesuze said...

hehe to me scampi is just like a jumbo prawn or a miniature lobster :P

Mel said...

jumbo prawn, i like! haha!

Chamaimelon Lady said...

oh Mel !!! you're in sydney !!!
i will be there next year July to attend one church conference, maybe can meet u up there?
im totally new to sydney and know nothing about the land :D

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