Sunday, July 4, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Local Food II..

well the best thing about kk is that there's lots of different varieties of hawkers food. a very great guide that you can check it out as well at, it's written by my highschool friend, a really cool blog to check out. so the next time you're heading kk, be sure to try out all the top 15 best. i didn't get to try out all of them this time, just some food that i missed so badly. i think i'm torturing myself by writing this post cause i didn't have dinner just now. god please save me!

this is a really local one, preserved cuttlefish with kangkung also referred as water spinach with thick sauce and peanuts on top. it was so good. totally mouth watering.

barbequed squid with curry paste on top of banana leave.

chargrilled fish also known as ikan panggang. the freshness of the fish, the tenderness of the meat, spicyness of the paste, sourness of the lime and the strong taste of charcoal smell brings out the best flavour you can get on this dish.

steamed dumplings and of course the pan fried ones. they are the best dumplings that i've ever had in my whole life. not even the china ones can beat this. seriously. i almost wanted to cry when i had it.

stir fried clams with ginger and onions. my old time favourite seafood dish back in kk.

we've also tried different kind of clams cooked in kung po style. not sure what is it called again but it tasted something like squid.

hainanese chicken rice at wei ya. we love their chicken rice. the best part was the rice.

toasted bread with kaya and butter at damai. the best ever toasted bread. everyone in kk will know where is this. and it's a must try.

this one i must tell. you can't get this anywhere. i only get to eat this when i go back to my mum's hometown at kota belud. it's at a small shop in the market. they might not have the best environment but the noodles is the best, with the fresh steamed chicken and fried onions. the best dry noodles i had during my trip, maybe also alot of childhood memories there. and no kidding, i had two plates of this at one go. i'm starving now..

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