Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pie In The Sky..

have you tried a very hot, full of ingredients and delicious meat pie? you can head to pie in the sky at 43 olinda monbulk road, olinda, vic 3788. i think it might be a great choice for a weekend treat during the winter. they actually won 15 times of award winning pies.

look at the choices they have on their menu. i was thinking hard.

they also serve a selection of pastries. i love pastry!

this is their very well known pie floater. the base is actually potato and leek soup and together with your selection of pie and this was the tandoori chicken and spinach pie, a gold medal winner pie. taste wise, i like the thick and creamy soup. for the pie, not my cup of tea. it was $14.50 for this meal.

this is what i've ordered. the beef burgundy pie, another gold medal winner pie. love this one! the chunky beef, thick creamy sauce and the pastry was crispy and not too thick. but i did add on some salt and pepper, prefer stronger flavour on it. around $8 for this pie. quite pricey i should say.

i still want to rave about the scones at miss marples. love it! a must try when you are in mount dandenong. but beware of the long wait for a seat there.


Anonymous said...

mel mel so quick you change the location to sydney.. how is it going? The pie if you buy take away is a lot cheaper.. Compared to eating there ..


Mel said...

everything is going well here. the weather is not as cold as in melb. yes i realised the price difference was huge!

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