Saturday, July 10, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Local Food IV

there's more food that i had in kk and i want to share more with you. so here's another post for kk local food i had. there are lots of new restaurants around and shopping malls too.

my fav during the trip. milo dinosaur with lots of milo powder on top. did you know that the milo in malaysia is better than the ones in aussie? stronger taste of cocoa flavour. had this at papparich, newly opened in city mall.

ipoh chicken noodle soup. it was kind of average only. maybe can get better ones at other place.

ipoh chicken noodle with dry version at papparich as well. lack of flavour with this one.

homemade style hakka tofu.

we called this as sheng rou mian (in chinese)*love* this is a must try in kk. seriously.

my favourite meal. you can get this in lintas. forget about the fat and enjoy it! missing it so badly.

oldtown kopitiam roti bakar. toasted wholemeal bread with butter and kaya.

mangoes! and there are different types of mangoes. i had this harumanis back in kota belud.

you can't go pass bah kut teh in kk. there are a few places that you can find really good ones for example in the town area. i had this one in one borneo shopping centre. it was good enough to satisfy my cravings.

finally this one is fried thai style fish at wongkok. seafood is a must try in kk and it's cheap as well. they are definately fresh!

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