Saturday, July 17, 2010

Australian Rainbow Trout Farm..

i went for trout fishing during the autumn. well you can do that during the winter too, on a sunny weekend. the place is called australian rainbow trout farm at 26 mulhalls rd, macclesfield, vic. all you have to do is to get some fresh fish and you're all ready for a feast.

they have different sizes of trouts. pick the ones that you prefer and of course consider of the price as well. no matter what you get, you have to pay for it.

if not you can choose to fish at the salmon pond.

you will need to bring along some utensils along so you can start cooking at the bbq pit. one option to do with the salmon is sashimi! the staff will do the cleaning for you.

all you need is some onions, mushrooms, sauces, pepper. we brought along some bread and sausages as well.

be creative on the ingredients you like and here you are, hot and fresh grilled fish for lunch. it was great fun and also to mention that they have awesome views there.

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