Monday, July 5, 2010

Fifteen Melbourne..

i can't believe that i haven't written anything about fifteen. yes it's jamie oliver's fifteen at basement 115-117 collins street, melbourne. you can enter via george parade. it's a fine restaurant with a team of professional chefs led by Tobie Puttock. for one moment, i thought i saw Tobie in the kitchen cooking, but it wasn't him. anyway this time i brought my parents there and this was my fourth time there. the service was great, probably we headed there rather earlier.

you'll get some fresh homemade bread to start out.

totally an open designed kitchen. you can see the chefs in action.

there are lots of choices on wines to complete your meal.

for entree, we had fried calamari. this one was really awesome! the calamari was fried perfectly and accompanied with the sauce aside. not sure what was it in the sauce, but there was taste of sourness of lemon. and to add on the note, it was a complimentary one cause of the long wait for our main courses. how nice was that!

finally the main courses arrived. i've ordered the pan grilled duck breast fillet with mash. totally amazed on how the duck was cooked.

mum had the baby snapper with scallops and mussels. mum loved it alot and it was quite a huge portion. freshness of the seafood and perfectly cooked.

dad ordered for the sirloin steak. the steak was cooked quite rare. it's just my personal preference. and i think it was lack of a bit of sauce to add on some flavour on it.

and of course we ordered dessert as well. it took us a while to make up our minds. i wanted to try them all. this is the chocolate mousse with pastry. love the pastry part and it was really rich in flavour. good one!

i purposely told the waitress that it was my mum's b'day and i was happy with the little arrangement they made for us. it was a piece of art. panna cotta with lavender cookie slice. and indeed we had a lovely dinner that night. to add on, i should mention that the price range for a main course is about $30-$40 and with dessert around $15. our total bill for the night was about $120. hope that helps.


hikari* said...

Should I bring my sister there?

Mel said...

well it would be a great option!

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