Friday, July 9, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Local Food III

thanks to my dearest good friend in kk, steph. she introduced me to this chinese restaurant in kk called "gui du" seafood restaurant near tanjung aru beach. i had heaps of yummy food there.

stir fried sayur manis with anchovies. you can only find this type of vegetables back in kk. love them so much!

roasted duck. *slurps* it might not be the best duck, but it has the home cooked taste.

steamed fish fillet. how fresh was the fish and the sauce was great together with the fish.

this is a must try! deep fried pork knuckle. it tasted something like i had in german cruisine. the oilyness of the pork was covered by the sourness of the sauce. tasted great!

the mango pudding was yummy for dessert. i enjoyed the meal and it was nice catching up with friends and to have good food at the same time.


Anonymous said...

since is a seafood restaurant, how come only 1 seafood dish out of 5?lol

Mel said...

can't stop laughing when i saw the comment. anyway it was a seafood restaurant but we've only ordered for two seafood dishes. we had another plate of prawns but i didn't have photos of it.

N/I said...

So yum!!I miss 'shu zi cai'!

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