Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kota Kinabalu Local Food..

i've been away for a long family vacation and headed to malaysia, china and hong kong for almost one month. and for sure i've been eating alot during the trip. tried new things, had my childhood memories kind of food, and of course exploring better restaurants around. there's so much that i wanted to share but let's take it slow and easy. i need some time to digest all the food.

first stop we went back to kota kinabalu, sabah. my dearest hometown where i had all my childhood memories. it was nostalgic to be back to some really old places like my primary school. opppsss.. let me get back to the main point.

local tuaran noodles. it's bit oily but the best part is the noodles.. yum!

i still love dry noodles.. i had it with prawn meat dumplings..

grass jelly with carnation milk.. to die for when i'm back in kk.. the grass jelly is freshly made.

lime juice with salty preserved plum.. why don't we have it in aus?

coconut pudding.. we can only find this in kk, i think.. love it! you can also eat the coconut flesh at the same time. it's really refreshing when you have it after dinner. by just writing this, i'm missing the food already.. there's more coming up soon. stay tuned!


Olivia said...

This is all the foods and drinks i loved!!!!! argh....i want tuaran noodle NOW!!!

Mel said...

maybe we can try getting the recipe!

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