Thursday, July 29, 2010

J Cafe..

well i've just moved over to sydney so i guess i'll be starting a whole new chapter here with more exploration around sydney for good food, so better stay tuned! i will continue on with more of melbourne for the time being. the other day i went to j cafe, it's at 167 exhibition street, melbourne, vic 3000.

i've ordered for the sushi burger bento box. very interesting concept. i tried the kani croquette sushi burger. the croquette is made from potato, so it tasted something like hash brown. crispy outside and soft fluffy inside. surprisingly, it was delicious.

well the sushi burger box meal comes together with another side. i've ordered for the gyoza. there are other selections like tatsuta age, tonkatsu or kani croquette. the gyoza was grilled just right. i personally think it was a huge meal for myself, i ended up didn't enjoy so much with the gyoza.

my friend ordered for the kitsune udon. the udon was cooked perfectly, keeping the right texture. the soup base had mild flavour, great for a light meal. overall the food was above average, but price was rather expensive. the sushi burger box was $17 and the udon is $9.80. they had a minimum charge for per person.


Woo Hsian said...

The udon base was good indeed =)

Mel said...

thinking about it already makes me feel hungry..

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