Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Steersons Steakhouse..

Well along my birth month, I've been to some nice places around Sydney for some catch-ups with friends. A very good excuse for me to enjoy a little bit more. First up, it was a nice steak restaurant, Steersons steakhouse along Bridge Street. To be honest we were not expecting it to be so pretty inside and all of us were underdressed. Anyway we were being greeted as we arrived at the restaurant. I've made a booking before that and table was all set up.

Homemade bread to start up the meal. I love it! It was soft and fluffy, tasted awesome with the butter. I guess I was little hungry at that time. $5.50 for the bread.

Then we had an entree for four of us to share. It's a seafood plate for two. There was fried soft shell crab, garlic prawns and calamari. Thumbs up for the soft shell crab. Delicious! Oh, thanks Jack for taking the photo. The dish costs $29.50.

I had the Oakleigh Ranch Wagyu Sirloin from Queensland, 280g for $37.50. It's served with mashed potato and red wine jus. I've ordered it for medium cooked. But unfortunately it was more like well done cooked. So the steak was bit too tough and dry. My other friend ordered the same and it was cooked perfectly.

Highlight of the night, Jen ordered for 1kg T-Bone Steak, Nolans Private Selection Gympie from Qld as well. Huge isn't it? That's for $59.50. Overall we had an enjoyable night trying out the nice steaks, wagyu for me!

Ratings: 7/10
Address: 7 Bridge Street, Sydney 2000


chocolatesuze said...

woah that tbone is massive! shame your steak was overcooked but ooh your mash is so pretty!

Mel said...

Yea the Tbone is huge and it was cooked perfectly. The meat was juicy and tender, sadly not for mine though. The mash is yummy too! Btw, I love your blog, chocolatesuze!

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