Sunday, September 26, 2010

Hello Happy..

It's time for some dessert! Definately can't say no to dessert. Sissy loves this bread and cake shop in Sydney, it's called Hello Happy. You can find this in alot of places, anyway we had a take-away for a few slices of cakes from the branch in Chatswood. Of course you can have a relaxing chill out with a cup of coffee with some breads or cakes just at the cafe corner.

 Courtesy of my sissy for the photos..

 Look at the cakes. Well decorated. It makes you wanting them all!

 After much discussion, we had the green tea with red bean roll, black forest cake and cheesecake. Aren't they pretty? I have to admit that the appearance for desserts is very important element to win my heart. However, it's better to eat them on the same day to prevent it from getting dry. That was what happened to us. I like the black forest cake. The cheesecake was just normal, maybe can get better ones elsewhere. The green tea roll was bit dry when we had it, but it was our own fault. 

The favourite, sweet potato cake. It's totally moist, yummy and not that sweet for me. Highly recommended! There goes one lovely high tea moment during the weekend. The cakes are $4.50 per slice.

Ratings: 7/10
Address: 345 Victoria Avenue, Chatswood NSW 2067

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