Sunday, September 5, 2010

Hurricane's Grill & Bar Steakhouse..

When my sister came over to visit Sydney, there's one place that she definately wanted to try it out. That's of course Hurricane's Grill & Bar Steakhouse. It's somehow a speciality in Syd, at least we can't find it in Melb. They have two branches, one at Bondi Beach and one in Darling Harbour. I've only been to the one in Darling Harbour. One very important point, remember to book a table beforehand. The queue can be really long. Do tell me if there's better place for the ribs.

Here's the very huge full rack of pork ribs. $34 for full rack and $28 for half rack. The grilled pork ribs is just awesome. The flavour is just right for me.  You can have it together with baked potato or chips. For the ribs that we had the other day, it was a little burned at the edges. Can say it to be good or bad. It was fine for me, extra flavours on it.

For a change, we've also tried the Boerewors, $29. It's traditional African sausages, with potato mash and tomato onion relish. The sausage is pretty good, and the sauce accompanying it is like BBQ sauce. I like the mash though. It helps to balance up the meaty meal. The relish is like sweet and sour sauce. By the time we finished up our meal, we were all full and satisfied. 

Ratings: 8/10
Address: Harbourside Shopping Centre, Shops 433-436,
Level 2, Darling Harbour, Sydney
Phone: 02 9211 2210

Or 130 Roscoe Street, Bondi Beach, Sydney
Phone: 02 9130 7101


Woo Hsian said...

Hurricane! The best, miss the ribs. Must try the one in Bondi Beach as well since we didn't get to try last time hehe. =)

Mel said...

Yes! Definately have to try the one in Bondi.. Wait for you to come try it out, hehe!

Bean Sprout's Cafe said...

My most favourite ribs, never tried the one at Bondi neither :)

Mel said...

Bean Sprout, my friend told me that the one in Bondi is even better. Should try it out sometime. ^^

Morna said...

Bring me to Bondi pls! Book book book :D

CrabbyJ (Joachim) said...

*DROOLS*, can't wait for next week...

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