Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Ichiban Boshi..

I've found a place for delicious ramen! It's Ichiban Boshi along George Street, just opposite of my favourite bookshop Kinokuniya. I'm not a huge fan of ramen, so I haven't tried alot before. But surprisingly enough it tasted really good! It can be really packed at times, but it's just opposite of the bookshop, a good way to spend sometime looking through some new released books while waiting. 

I went with my friend who came over from Melb. She ordered for garlic flavoured soup based ramen with chasyu, bamboo shoots, spring onion and seaweed. The strong fragrant of the garlic just made the soup to be awesome. Strictly for garlic lovers. $12

Jen is ramen lover, so I had to bring him there. He ordered for tantanmen with minced meat, vegetables and egg for $12. The hot and spicy flavoured pork bone soup was just superb!  The spicyness just made the ramen really appetizing. I would love to come back for this!

For me, I chose the Tokyo ramen, $9.30. The classic with egg, chasyu, bamboo shoots, seaweed and corn. The first time I had it, just loved it. The miso soup base was subtle in flavour. The ramen was totally full with texture. It was a really comforting and huge hot bowl of ramen for lunch. Don't feel surprised if you feel thirsty after the meal. However, it was really good ramen place that I'm definately coming back again.

Ratings: 8/10
Address: Level 2, Galeries Victoria Building,
500 George Street, Sydney NSW


Flaming Pot said...

I want to try this ramen... Looks so delicious, Oishi...:)

Mel said...

Come Sydney and we can go try it out. Delicious!

Morna said...

Me too :( You didn't bring me there.

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