Saturday, May 29, 2010

Lawson Grove Shop..

this time i've ventured into a small alley in south yarra, a small cafe in a residential area called lawson grove shop for breakfast. it's at 1 lawson grove, south yarra. it was listed one of the best breakfast place in melbourne under the age food guide. it's a really small, relaxing and cosy cafe. i saw there were customers who brought along their dogs there for a cup of coffee outside the cafe. it was just a nice place to hang out during a weekend morning. love the design of the place. and one more note, they accept cash only.

the menu print out. there's not too many choices there, from simple and light to heavy meals of your preferences. they have good quality of free range eggs.

look at the hot chocolate that i've ordered. love it to the max! it was superb and most of all, the chocolate coated marshmellows, it was absolutely amazing. i'm not a huge fan of marshmellows in hot choc, but this was really good.

my friend ordered for the chai tea. nice hot cup of strong fragrant chai tea to warm up your stomach before the meal.

this is the full as a goog! really cool name. the usual big breakfast that we can find around with bacon, mushrooms, avocado, poached eggs with toast. it was delicious, totally mouth watering by just looking at it.

my friend tried the son-in-law eggs. it was wok-fried eggs with chilli, beanshoots, fresh herbs, their special kind of sauce in a lettuce cup. it was really interesting combination for an early breakfast. more of an asian style inspired breakfast with the freshness of the vegetables and the strong flavour from the herbs and sauce.

this is what i've ordered that day. the potato roesti. it was absolutely a piece of art. i can't stop myself from raving how awesome this lovely combination of ratatouille, cheese, spinach and poached egg. it was an eye-opening experience for me. the potato was crispy, together with the softness of the egg and the saltiness of the cheese, the flavour blends so well together with the sauce the have underneath. love it!

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