Saturday, May 15, 2010

Snooty Fox..

during the easter weekend, i managed to explore a few nice places and one of them was snooty fox, it's located at 1457 mt dandenong tourist road, olinda, vic. it's a really cosy and quiet restaurant and with generous portions of yummy meal.

firstly we had entree to share. the cheese and spring onions on toasted bun. the bun was huge! and the cheese was oozing out when i had my first bite. i think it was bit too heavy for me for the start.

for me, i've ordered the atlantic salmon fillet on preserved lemon mash with toasted almonds and brown butter sauce. the skin of the salmon was so crispy and the fish was moist and tender. love the mash with tiny bit of sourness of the lemon and the saltiness of the butter together with some crisp of the toasted almonds. thumbs up!

my friend had the lamb rack with bumblebee sauce, pink peppercorns with honey. looks delicious! according to him, it was pretty good too but not so satisfied with the serving portion.

this is a really huge dish! it's duckling twice roasted with creamy mash and spinach, covered with red wine and gooseberry reduction. it tasted really good and with a strong herbs flavour. it actually tasted like our asian style of herb chicken. no kidding.. definately a fulfilling meal.

also ordered the eye fillet steak with mushroom sauce on creamy mash. traditional dish for a western restaurant. and of course it was delicious! the meat was tender and juicy. can't go wrong with this one.

we were served a huge bowl of green salad each along with our mains. healthy way of balancing up our huge portions of mains.

we ended our dinner with a slice of choc nut fudge brownie served with warm chocolate sauce and kahluah ice-cream. yum! it was superb. great way to end my dinner.

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